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wall street - financial market Finance is the use of capital to fund the operations of governments, businesses, households, and personal lives.  Government bonds fund public works projects; business loans help corporations of every size grow and plan for the future; and personal investments help families plan for retirement.

Especially in an uncertain economy, staying up-to-date on financial news and on top of one's own investments is essential for success.  The Internet is ideal for reading up on the latest headlines, watching stock numbers, or checking up on a retirement portfolio.  Virtually every type of financial service can be found online.  For general finance information, browse through this regional Finance Guide and Directory.

Investment firms advertising their services on the Internet must tailor their approach to the times.  Brokers should focus on experience, stability, and long-term returns rather than quick profits.  References and examples of proven success, as well as creative strategies to weather an economic downturn, can help a consumer's comfort level with an investment firm.  With current public opinion of the financial industry at a low, emphasizing compassion and understanding in business dealings certainly cannot hurt.

Listed below are a series of finance industry resources published by Zeducorp's Chosen Sites division.  These websites, geared to the United States marketplace, are designed to enhance visitors' understanding of financial services.

  • 2nd Mortgages - Second mortgages and home equity loans.
  • Construction Loans - Residential and commercial construction financing.
  • Credit Card Debt - Credit card debt counseling and services.
  • Home Improvement Loans - Home improvement and construction loans.
  • Home Mortgage Loans - Home mortgages and home equity loans.
  • Investment Companies - Investment journals and research reports.
  • Investment Newsletters - Popular investment guides and newsletters.

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