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computer electronics Cell phones, digital cameras, and video projectors are just a few examples of the diverse products offered by the exciting consumer electronics industry.  In many instances, this industry's offerings have the distinct advantage of selling themselves.  Who wouldn't want a beautiful new camera that takes sharper pictures than ever before, or a sleek GPS that responds to voice commands?  However, this is a fast-moving industry.  Technology develops almost faster than manufacturers can produce it; as a result, aggressive advertising is necessary to drive consumer sales of a product before it is upstaged by the next "latest thing."  For example, offering a free phone with a cellular service plan is a popular way to package new cell phones for quick sales.  The Consumer Technology Association is a helpful resource for industry members looking for the latest information about marketing, new technology, and industry events.

Brick-and-mortar stores, of course, have a definite advantage in terms of presentation.  Consumers can try out the exact products they are considering purchasing, checking out features and comparing products side-by-side.  The Internet is not absent here, though.  Those comparisons will often extend to a customer checking out competing prices or product reviews online, perhaps even in the store on their Internet-enabled cell phone!  So, advertising on sites like eBay can be an ideal way to reach potential buyers, even in a competitor's store.  A strong focus on customer satisfaction can drive up reviewer ratings on comparison shopping sites such as, further encouraging traffic to a seller's website.  Free shipping is, of course, enticing for buyers when considering an online purchase.  These strategies can all help drive Internet sales.

Listed below are representative Chosen Sites resources which feature information about consumer electronics products in the United States marketplace.

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  • Digital Camcorders - Video cameras, camcorders, and digital video equipment.
  • Digital Camera Reviews - Digital cameras and photography equipment.
  • Handheld GPS - Handheld global positioning system devices.
  • Surveillance Equipment - Surveillance gear and security cameras.
  • Video Projectors - Digital projector dealers, manufacturers, and resources.

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