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residential construction - home building The construction industry touches not only the professionals who work within it, but also homeowners, corporate groups, and public bodies.  These diverse groups, not surprisingly, will look for construction resources in different ways.  A discussion, with illustrative videos, of various construction processes can be found on this construction videos page.

Consumers looking for residential construction services will appreciate websites that are geared towards prescreening contractors, to aid them in their search for qualified home building and home improvement firms.  Informative sites about loans, home planning, and remodeling can familiarize homeowners with construction terms and the many details of various types of projects, enabling them to gain some perspective on what a particular job will entail.  These websites can help consumers gain confidence in their decisions about contractors and services.  They are a great place to start for residential construction companies developing their advertising focus.

Commercial construction often entails more detailed bids and greater competition for projects.  Of course, as these are generally larger scale jobs, the profit will tend to be higher for each bid won.  Construction directories such as Best of the Web's Construction directory and McGraw-Hill's Construction Online can also facilitate the process of reaching potential consumers.

Specialized fields, like highway construction and laboratory cleanroom construction, may warrant a different approach.  Seeking out websites devoted to specific industries or public utilities may be the best approach to attract consumers looking for specialized construction services.

Listed below are several Chosen Sites residential construction industry resources which are oriented toward businesses and consumers in the USA.

  • Do It Yourself - Home repairs and remodeling projects for homeowners.
  • Construction Loans - Bridge loans for residential and commercial construction.
  • General Contractors - Hiring and working with home remodeling contractors.
  • Modular Home Plans - Modular home planning, design, and construction resources.
  • Prescreened Contractors - Finding reputable local home improvement contractors.
  • Room Additions - Home improvement services, products, and resources.

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