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business deal handshake Business to business, or B2B, directories feature information which is relevant to particular industry sectors as well as to manufacturing, operations, logistics, and trade.  They can be efficient tools for corporations in specialized industries to find trade-specific services and also to advertise within niche markets.  Targeted ad and link placement can drive traffic to companies offering unique business services (e.g., ergonomics, security, or interior design).

Business to business directories are also useful for small companies which often lack trade agreements with large travel or supply partners.  Smaller businesses will use the Internet to find deals on business travel as well as office supplies and equipment.  Incentives such as free shipping or online-only promotions can help to attract these customers.

Internet exposure is invaluable for companies which primarily offer news and information.  In today's society, the Internet has become one of the primary media for national and world news.  As companies "go paperless", information on a wide range of topics relevant to business is increasingly available online.  Everything from investment advice to clinical research reports can be accessed electronically.

For comprehensive business information, visit the Best of the Web Business directory.  For an industry sector directory, see the Quisto Industry Categories directory.

Listed below are a sampling of Chosen Sites resources which are oriented towards United States business markets.  Visitors will find information about topics, products, and services which are frequently used by business people.

  • Business Travel - Hotel reservations, airline tickets, and car rentals.
  • Hotel Suites - Suite hotel lodging chain ratings and reviews.
  • Home Offices - Home office design, equipment, and accessories.
  • International News - World and national news resources and media.
  • Investment Companies - Investment journals and research reports.

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