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laptop computer The computer industry encompasses a broad range of products, from hardware to software to computer accessories.  Leading computer hardware companies include IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple, while computer software is supplied by firms such as Adobe and Microsoft.  Products as diverse as printer cables, anti-virus software, and office furniture are offered from many manufacturers.

Today's market holds a variety of options for consumers.  Many users prefer portable options, such as laptops, PDAs, and mobile phones with built-in operating systems.  A person desiring to carry his entire music library around now has that option with the advent of MP3 players and other portable media players, such as Apple's innovative iPod.

This industry, not surprisingly, markets many of its products to the online consumer.  Hardware, software, and accessories can all be found for sale on the Internet.  However, web marketing faces some unique challenges.

The Internet does not allow consumers to "test drive" products as they can in a brick-and-mortar store.  Creative marketing strategies are needed to lure consumers to a virtual marketplace.  And, since personal computers and accessories such as monitors and printers can be readily found in standard stores, shipping costs of online purchases can scare off potential customers.  Marketing incentives are a must for Internet sales.

Internet shopping also allows consumers to quickly and easily compare products.  In fact, some websites, such as CNET, are dedicated solely to product comparisons, including reviews and pricing.  Other important computer industry resources include Best of the Web's Computer Hardware and Computer Software directories.  Listed below are representative Chosen Sites resources which feature information about computer products in the United States marketplace.

  • ASCII Codes - United States ASCII code and character table.
  • CAD Software - Computer aided design software products & solutions.
  • Computer Desks - Computer furniture styles, designs, and accessories.
  • Computer Cables - Cables & connectors for computers and peripherals.
  • Computer Monitors - Digital LCD and CRT computer display devices.
  • Computer Supplies - Computer media, printer supplies, & accessories.
  • Computer Viruses - Computer security overview and antivirus software.
  • Data Backup - Disk drive backup media, services, and solutions.
  • Laptop Batteries - Batteries for laptop and notebook computers.

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